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enough said

Core Services

Technology & Multimedia

Software, Website & Mobile App Development | Photography & Videography | Graphics & Animation Design | PC & Network Support

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Innovation & Training

Technology Products | Capacity Strengthening | ICT & Job-readiness Training | Learning Curriculum Development | HR Consultancy | Home-grown Innovations for Everyday Use

Solutions & Concepts

Business Process Analysis | Concept Development for TV, Radio, Literature, Branding & Advertising | Monitoring & Evaluation | Research | Data Management

The Zambia Equation

A home-grown initiative aimed at fostering positive societal change by supporting unity

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Our Works

We bring to you a new way of thinking. Our solutions are digitally perceived, intellectually expressed. Our products speak for themselves, i.e., enough said!

About us

Intellectual Expression (ie!) is a Zambian-based Information and Communication Technology company founded in 2018. We are a group of innovators and we pride ourselves in developing unique, simple-to-use technology solutions to make life better.


To use technology to educate and to foster positive societal change for holistic sustainable development.


A society that harnesses technology to make life better.


  1. Care for humankind, as demonstrated by our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  2. Respect for clients, service providers and associates, as demonstrated by our embracing of diverse ideas and backgrounds
  3. Integrity in business, as demonstrated in our fair prices and accountability
  4. Timeliness of service delivery, as demonstrated by our quick turnaround
  5. Accuracy of products, as demonstrated by their fitness for purpose
  6. Environmental-consciousness, as demonstrated in our eco-friendly practices

Who We Are

Intellectual Expression is a team of innovators, educators and technologists with a mission of using technology to educate and to foster positive and sustainable societal change... basically making life better for everyone. We envision a society that harnesses technology to make life better. Meet the team here.

What We Do

We develop simple technology tools to help people and organisations do things easier, more effectively and more efficiently. We also develop concepts used in film, radio, adverts and literature. And because we are about helping make life better, we conduct trainings and capacity strengthening activities in ICT, job readiness and entrepreneurship, besides which we do photography, videography, and graphic and animation design.

Our expertise extends to providing support to great innovations that promote the use and reuse of everyday elements of nature to produce solutions to common household problems. You can learn more about this at

We also have innovations of our own, such as The Zambia Equation, an all inclusive campaign we initiated to foster development through unity by promoting equality of all Zambians across tribal lines.

Why Choose Us?

You want a flawless information system; We have its blueprint!
You want to make your online presence felt; We guarantee 99.9% uptime of all web services!
You want unique concepts; We are all about outside-the-box ideation!
You want to be digitally aware; We have depth of knowledge!
You want picture perfect photography; We have unmatched keenness of eye!
You want sustainable solutions to technology problems; We believe the possibilities are infinite!
We are Intellectual Expression... Enough Said!

Download our company brief here and check out our portfolio here.

The team

A formidable team of experienced professionals in technology, engineering, education and poetry... Yeah, poetry!

We have over 90 years of combined work experience in various sectors including engineering, construction, technology, media, insurance, education and health, as well as in Government and NGOs such as Children International, Plan International, Don Bosco Youth Centres, Jesus Cares Missions International, the Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist, Family Legacy and the United Nations.

David Zulu, Managing Director

David Zulu

Managing Director

Christian Mwila, Head - Industrial Engineering

Christian Mwila

Head - Industrial Engineering

Alvin Zulu, Head - Concepts Development

Alvin Zulu II

Head - Concepts Development

Audrey Hamayanda Zulu, Head - Advocacy, Branding and Communications

Audrey Hamayanda Zulu

Head - Advocacy, Branding and Communications

Wongani Zulu, Head - IT Services

Wongani Zulu

ICT Consultant

Emmanuel Kalenge, Technology Consultant

Emmanuel Kalenge

Senior Technology Consultant

Paul Sinyinda, Graphics Designer

Paul Sinyinda

Graphics Designer

Mathews Monde, Senior Data Analyst

Mathews Monde

Senior Data Analyst

Our Partners

We believe in synergies. And basing on our ethos of equality and unity, we partner with other experts who want to communicate a message similar to ours... a message of innovation and holistic sustainable development.

Anashe Solutions

Providing high quality printing at affordable prices.

Ashbron Consultancy

Branding and digital marketing and content creation hub bringing ideas into reality.

JM Graphics

State-of-the-art digital graphics creation hub that seeks to create beyond imagination.

Optimus Media

Full media company catering all forms of media such as video, audio and photography.


Home improvement company that uses everyday elements of nature to produce elegant solutions.

Zanja Media

Creating long-lasting memories through photography, graphic design and high quality videos.

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